Naked Yoga and Massage Session times still available on some days before and after work mid-week

Naked Yoga with Veronika is available 7 days a week and 14 hours per day, but the premium times are always booked quickly. This experience is particularly suited to invigorate you before you start work in the morning, during your lunch hour or immediately after work.   Click on the times on the grid provided to reserve your sessions now.

Naked Workout with the Fit Chick!

About Fit Chick She is a tall, toned, dark long hair beauty, with a passion for all things health and fitness.  She personally trains in a number of disciplines, so has a varied knowledge base. She believes in the true beauty of the human form and the freedom of nude fitness.
She offers Tone & Stretch or Stretch & Relax sessions. Sessions are tailored to your goals and abilities. She uses a range of equipment such as TRX.


Make no mistake about it, whilst this is a sensual experience, this is also a properly designed workout that takes activities from a number of different disciplines including Pilates, Yoga, Circuit training, bootcamps and stretch and tone.  Your personal workout schedule will be set up for you whilst you drink a healthy drink and sit naked and chat with the Fit Chick. The Fit Chick believes in making fitness both fun and inspirational and you can expect a great workout whilst keeping some great company.  After your workout, she always allows enough time for you to enjoy the other facilities including a long hot shower, freshly laundered, fluffy towels and crisp white bathrobe. As you book for the first time, be sure to let us know of any issues you want to discuss or anything else on your mind. We will always do our very best to make your whole experience as personal as possible.

Once you have reserved your desired session time please note that when you visit, full payment by cash is required on arrival.

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